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The development of computer games and internet created a new category of competition – electronic sports. More and more players were turning professional to be able compete in various tournaments. The prizes were high so gamers needed the best equipment to get the most out of their skills. Part of this equipment are “skatez”. First models were simply stripes of tape, usually Teflon, stuck to mice feet to reduce the friction, make the mouse run smoother on the mouse pad which resulted in increasing the ingame accuracy. These stripes of course gave the needed effect but the layer of Teflon was so thin that they needed to be exchanged every 3 or 4 days in cases of extremely heavy usage. This can get really annoying! The time to get the skatez to wear off is too short compared to their high price. Not every new player can afford to have supplies of new skatez every week.

That is why we proudly present the new Ultra fast, extremely durable, 100% Teflon, developed by gamers for gamers mICEskatez!

We supply the polish market since 2005. Right now we are the unchallenged leader of mouse skatez quality, sales and satisfied customers in Poland. Since now we will be available in US, Asia and most of Europe to provide the best gliding performance ever to be experienced by any gamer in the world.

Team mICEskatez.